Made it down. Found out neighbour has been doing a bit of a clean up. 

Hopefully they are not building as it would block our views from the kitchen. Their lot of land is worth around a few millions even without the house. 

They even chopped down the tree that caused our water damage. So very very glad. No more worries about gumnuts falling everywhere.

What a glorious day. Our river views. I’ll go walkies a bit later. It’s still a bit fresh. The photo below shows the bluff. I’ll be walking there later. 

Our ocean views from the top deck. That’s why we bought this place. Fell in love with the views.

Sleepy me made it down this morning. Was too tired to drive down yesterday.

I’m airing out the house at the moment as it’s got that damp smell. The plaster has not been fixed. Waiting for hubby.

Got to bring some tools and his stash of wine back. 

Other than that I can spend the day as I pleased. 

Walking buddy told me he might make it down. We will see. He’s one of those that says it but don’t really see it through.

Having my coffee and reading my newspaper and then off to sort out the house.

Might pop over to our neighbour, say hello and offer my help. We are trying to set up an owners corporation for our group of units.

It’s only 734am. It still amazes me that I wake up in one city and now in another. 

Don’t like driving in the morning much. Nearly couldn’t merge into the freeway today and I left home just before 530am.

It’s nice to see the sunrise on the way though.