Was a naughty girl today . My Friday coffee date never got back to me. 

So I stayed home and pottered around. Got my volunteering stuff sorted . Copy paste and worked on my recipes. They are playing to entertain a wine bar/cafe just in front of them. 

Not sure what this display is about.

Then got talking to a sparkie. He’s a cutie tall and cute. He’s the only one that sent me a gift on the app. 
He’s been sending me selfies. Anyhow he was in the area thus asked if I would like to meet. So I thought why not.

Had to go exchange my son’s jeans again and Westfield was near where he was.

We got talking and found out he’s from the US. A Philadelphia boy. Cute as. Still got a hint of an accent since he’s been here for awhile now.

He reminded me of one of my lovers. The only thing is he’s only 36 😂 

Anyhow he’s already asking for another meet 😊

Then received a message from Mr Cheeky. Thought he’s from Sydney. Turned out he lives down the road in the next suburb 😂

He’s willing to take me walkies in the park 😂

Because I wrote on my profile take me exploring and I’ll let you explore me 😂

I think he wants to explore 😂

P.S I couldn’t have coffee as it was getting late so ordered a hot chocolate just in case anyone was wondering 😂😂😂😂😂