OLD. Didn’t get in til after 1am last night. I think the night was a success. 4K bar tab later 😩

Speeches finished around 10pm so we stayed for the cake . Popped 1K on the bar tab and left with the other two oldies.

Apparently the 1K bar tab lasted half an hour 😩

As for us oldies we made it to Supper Inn in Chinatown. Ordered congee (rice porridge ) and had pippies in XO sauce with donuts , stir fried snow pea leaves with garlic and fried pork intestines with sweet and sour sauce and pickles. Then we came back to pick up the kiddies.

Didn’t recognise one of her friends. An older girl, 30 years old. She’s an overseas student. We didn’t recognise her because she’s had cosmetic surgery.

The other birthday girl’s dad was like she reminds me of a ladyboy 😩

Oh dear. 

Saw two of the boys that used to work for us. The younger brother was cute as. He was popular amongst the girls. His brother was cute too. Not as cute though.

It’s surprising to see only 3% Caucasian and the rest Asian. They invited around 140-150. I would have thought more as both girls were born here and grew up around Caucasians.

The reason we sent them to school in a mixed area was so they would grow up with no prejudice. 

Have to say very proud of both of the girls. They organised the whole thing with minimum input from us. 

I only had the photoboard to take care of.

The venue last night. 

A bar that converts to a function venue on the weekends.