20 guys have followed me over to Kik. The thing is because there are too many of them I’ve forgotten who is who or what they looked like.

Anyhow only a few have managed to make an impression.

1/ Sparky. He’s cute as hell. The thing is he bites his nails 😩 and dirty fingernails. Not sure if I want those fingers deep inside of me 😩

2/ Mr 8 inches. Underneath that cocky exterior he’s actually okie. I think it’s just a ruse. May be he’s trying to reel me in.

3/ Mr Friday coffee that never eventuate . He’s keeping me hanging, wanting him. May be that’s his ploy. Not sure if I want to play the game.

4/ Mr Cheeky lives just near me down in the next suburb. He’s naughty. 

5/ Mr South African . Hmmmm he sounds okie. Not my pick but he’s starting to grow on me. He’s only 36.

6/ Mr Halfie. He’s a foodie so at least it’s something in common. Though not my pick either . I like my men big and tall. 

Then there’s others messaging me in AM. I’ve lost count. 

Anyhow let see how it plays out. I’m not holding my breath 😂

I like spontaneity. That’s how I met Mr Sparky 😂

I also have no patience and gets bored easily. If you don’t hold my interest you’re out 😂