I think this guy would be just perfect for you Jad 😂 

Found this in my inbox this morning.


looking for variety …take a deep breath not for everyone … very sensual and erotic … incredible fun and so hot… has a touch of kink that you like and a submissive flavor and you will never forget it …. my fantasy would be to meet you in a hotel, you come to the door you knock its open but dark inside from the back of the room you hear a voice telling you to turn and face the door… you do as your told and turn to face the door you hear my footsteps approaching…your heart beats harder … your mouth feels dry … I place a blindfold over your eyes ….. you feel my hot breath on your neck as i smell your hair and watch your fingers tremble…your heart is pounding as i slowly undress you…I love the way you gasp as your bra is removed ….i walk around you fingers brushing your nipples no sound no talking just the sound of your heart in your ears and the touch of my fingers…your standing there your knees are feeling weak and you take a sharp intake of breath as i squeeze your nipples, lovely hard swollen nipples…. I run my fingers between your thighs tapping them you open your legs wider … with one finger I part your lips and know you are wet … i lower you to your knees before my big hard erection and let you explore it with your lips just long enough for you to realise it is thick and big …. i stand you up and then lay you on the bed and spread your legs wide i take your clit between my lips and nibble gently…. slowly increasing the pressure sucking your clit into my mouth sending waves of pleasure up into your stomach …watching as your neck goes bright red … getting closer as I suck harder and faster …. i insert two fingers deep inside you all the while sucking and licking your clit … fingering you feeling your juices coat my fingers… your naked blind and helpless and i start to play ..