Yesterday was the shittiest day ever. Today he wanted to jump on me again.

His reasoning was that I’ve been chatting and since I’m a sex bomb I’m bound to be exploding all over the place 😩

It was an awful day. Received another email requesting a volunteer at the last minute. I was more than annoyed. Yes we are there to help not taken advantage of.

This was a new client and well I’ve spent half an hour with them telling them our procedures last week.

So sent them an SMS last night.

Hi C,

Please give us more notice next time as we may not be able to find a volunteer for you. We need a week if possible. 

Your last three bookings have been last minute.

Please remember we are under no obligation to provide a volunteer for you should you book last minute again. 

Then in the foulest mood possible I reined in a newbie as well. 

Hi I,
Please be mindful when booking early appointments at the hospital.
Our volunteers operate on an office hours system 8:30am-5:00pm. 
It is out of the goodness of their hearts that they accept shifts outside these hours. 
We may not be able to find anyone for you next time if you should need one outside these hours again. 
I love volunteering but days like yesterday I’ve had it. Guess better rein in the new ones so they know what is expected of them. 

One good thing my coffee date has cancelled forever 😂 He must have not liked the look of my face. Told him not to feel bad. Saves me having to say no you’re not my type 😂

I guess I’d better save that photo and send it to all the guys I’m not interested in 😂

As for Thursday Mr 8 inches wants to meet again. Not sure, seems like he wants sex already. 

Plus our staff mum is not in ICU with a bowel perforation but on the wards with bowel obstruction.

Which means hubby will be free and we tend to go on lunch dates.

So guess lunch and sex is off the menu with Mr 8 inches 😂