I’m in denial . People wonder why I hate VN my motherland. Guess I blame it for all the problems we have as a family.

I blame the culture. The culture where 10 women do not ever equate 1 man. 

I blame the men. I blame them for how they treat their women. With the exception of my dad and may be hubby. 

I blame the poverty. I blame the girls for  being so desperate to leave. 

I blame my mother in law. I blame her for going back there and thus my husband have to go back to visit.

I blame my brother in law. I blame him and his wife for keeping up with the Jones and using us as a bank.

I blame me. I blame me for being too Aussie and whitewashed to ever go back to try and hold on to my husband.

I blame him. I blame him for being too Viet to ever get that. May be we shouldn’t have ever gotten together. 

Yes I’m in a foul mood tonight that’s for sure. The news of the divorce has hit me hard. Too close to home. Even though they had so much against them I had thought they would never divorce. 

Now that they are getting one what does it say about our marriage?