My pet hate is the toilet seat left up. It was the reason why I got so upset when hubby came back from VN last time.

After 10 days away he came back a different person. He was like his friend a chauvenistic pig.

All these years he’s always left the toilet seat down for me. After the last trip he came home and left it up. 

Not only once but multiple times. I pulled him up on it. His reply was the seat is always down so why should I put it up and then put it back down again?

My reasoning was look you don’t have to but it would be nice if you could. It’s a case of being a gentleman 😩

His cousin went out with us last night. Came home to stay the night. And left the damn toilet seat up again and again. 

I was thinking his wife didn’t train him too well considering they’ve been married for as long as us. Well nearly as long as they got married a week after us. 

Tonight hubby told me they’ve gone to the lawyers. The thing is I wasn’t surprised at all. They’ve been fighting for years and everyone in the family thought they’d divorce by now.

So it’s finally happening. In a way I’m glad for them. They weren’t suited from the very start and it’s been painful watching them.

His plans was to go back to VN to spend his year of separation over there. Either that or he’s found a girl over there. He’s a womaniser. He told hubby his nephew reckons he only need 10K to live on. 

From what I can tell he’s got no money saved up. May be sell his car? But then how is he going to go to work once he comes back? No car means no work. 

Such a messed up affair. He’s a nice guy he’s just all over the place. The wife is more focused and knows what she wants. 

There goes another marriage gone to bust. Makes me think when is ours going to bust. At least we are talking to each other and we cuddle every night. We just have that sex thing to sort out.
I talked to the other V last night whilst waiting for the family. She said lots of bad influences in VN. The girls over there they don’t care if the guys are married they pursue them all.

She told me women over there have a hard time holding on to their men let alone men that come back there well there’s no hope if the wife is overseas.

She was very surprised when I said he goes back twice a year. I told her I can’t stop him as he uses his mum as an excuse. 

She then tried to ease my mind saying that he’s a good guy. He won’t get involved.

One thing for sure I’ve made an ally. Hopefully she’ll keep an eye on him for me. 

Anyhow what’s the point of it all? Our marriage was doomed from the start. It still surprises me that we are still together after all that’s happened to us.