Badly at being a 4 stroke. I’m more of a V8. I get more things done zooming around not knowing where my head is 😂

I need to make a list of things to do. That way I can cross it off as I go. My list is getting longer by the minute with Christmas creeping up on us.

Apart from the house I’ve still got my hidey hole to sort out. One of our staff want the house for a few days for the the Queenscliff music festival. It’s a big music festival down the Bellarine peninsula. And well she left it too late and everything is booked out. And that was early this year.

I’ll sort the house out next week when I’m down for the farewell. Might stay overnight so I can get more done.

The trip is all booked except for activities. Need to find time to slot them all into their respective days. Still got to sort out the kids’ Summer wardrobe . I can’t do that until after exams. It should be all over and done with in three weeks.

I’ll have to bring luggages back from the hidey hole when I’m down there.

I’ve got to attend an owners’ corporation meeting this month some time. All the units have agreed to hire a mob to get our owners’ corporation in order. That way we all pay a fee and it’s sorted. None of us have got the time to bother with it. 

Hubby is trying to nominate me for a board. That’s one more thing to sort out. I think he’s trying to keep me busy so I don’t have time to be naughty.

My CPD is done. Board registration done a month early 😩 I only need to do my CPD plan for next year due 30/11/17.

As for Christmas it’s coming very soon. I’ve got to sit down and work out pressies for the staff. Pressies for teachers and tutors. Pressies for our nieces and nephews. Pressies for my parents.

This year we are having a BBQ which means I’m marinating all the meats and doing the salads. The staff will help with the salads too. We are supplying all the drinks and alcohol as well. 

As for the shop’s Christmas competition, the soft toys are all bought. I just need to type up the competition rules.

Then I need to attend an enrolment day second week of December. Pay up for my course. I’m excited about it. 

Need to email my friends for a catch up. We catch up every year on our birthdays. It’s so I can ask her what she would like for a pressie. We’ve known each other since 1985. We catch up probably 2-3 times a year? At most? 

Then there’s the volunteering Christmas party. Not sure if I want to volunteer taking our photos. It’s a karaoke night 😂

I should start my goal book. The good doctor suggest spending 10 minutes each day in the morning brainstorming and note down all that needs to be done for that day.

Goals : 

1/ family

2/ career

3/ leisure

4/ health

The thing is ? I suck at goals. Have never worked towards any goals all these years I tend to stumble on to them as I go living life. Like this tour guiding business. If you had asked me this a decade ago would I be doing this? I’d go you’re kidding me right?