I spent all day at the computer yesterday mapping Bangkok.

I was given a map by a friend. Same friend that the daughter had the combined 21st with ours.

Instead of marking her map I’ve photocopied it and marked on mine.

I wanted to know where all the attractions were and how to get there. I’m happy now that I have a clearer idea😊

Jim called me an overplanner. Me? I see it as being prepared as we don’t have much time and no use turning up to an attraction and finding it closed.

Lucky I did as only figured out that our travelling day we get back so late we won’t be able to see much.

Silly me planned it for us to reach BKK at 1:45pm by the time we get out and taxi to hotel it will be 3:00-3:30pm. The Wats (temples) closes at 5pm.

I had to change our itinerary to go see Jim Thompson’s house (Ratchathewi), opened til 6:00pm and since it’s near the Rajadamern stadium we can hang around there for dinner and then go watch the fight.

The next flight into BKK is a bit better. We should be back by 10am. Thus we can go see Loha Prasat and Wat Saket. Then walk to Khaosan Rd ( Phra Arthit pier 13) for street food and a look around. 

Day 3 we are off to the floating markets. I’m still two minded about the train market as it’s 2 hours away due to traffic and well that’s a waste of a day. Then at night we’ve got the cabaret show (Lat Phrao) to go to. 

Day 4 I’ve planned for us to go to a weekend market the Chatuchak market. 

Then Chinatown (Hua Lam Phong station) see Wat Traimit and eat street food. 

And on to Lumpini Park in the late afternoon to watch free jazz/classical orchestra (optional) 

Day 5 was supposed to be a free day. Not so anymore. 

It’s going to be a fairly early day to go see the Grand Palace (Tha Chang pier 9), Jade temple and Wat Po. Was going to do Wat Arun too but it’s still under scaffolds. 

If we finish by lunch I’m leaving the family to go do a cooking class 2-5pm at the Mandarin Oriental (Oriental pier 1) since we will be in that area. It’s $240 each with a private chef if I can get one of the girls to come with me. 

The rest of the family can take a leisurely water taxi from one end of the river to the other or go see the Museum of Siam whilst they wait for us. 

Route map for the Chao Phraya express. 

Day 6 is our flying out day. Flight isn’t til 6:30pm. Thus we are not due at the airport until the afternoon. 

It means the morning will be free for us to do whatever. 

Just realised our hotel has an air bridge to the BTS. The only thing is to go anywhere we need to change trains which is a pain. Would have been better to situate ourselves  near Siam or Silom station.