Go away. I’m not ready. Nope it’s not a misspelt thinking of Jungle boy this morning and well he stuffed up my Jingle Bells title 😩

Off again this morning. I’m going to rug up and get out of the house. Only top of 18C today it’s only about 13C now.

Had another fight with hubby so not in the best of moods. He tried making up this morning more so he can F me 😩

Today I’ve got to exchange clothes as bought something for my daughter online for Christmas. It came faulty. A well known brand too so I’m not impressed.

Only bought hubby’s pressie so far. He’s getting a new leather phone case and a pair of cufflinks. Nice boat steering wheel ones.

My boy is either getting a Bluetooth speaker or a man bag. I’m still deciding.

My girls I have no idea at the moment. Same for our staff. The juniors are easy as I just get them gift vouchers for JB or cinema. The senior staff will get a small pressie up to $50 to go with their bonus, a week’s pay. I try to get them different stuff every year depending on their hobbies etc. 

The pharmacists get a nice pressie , massages or facials since they don’t get bonuses. 

I’ve streamlined teachers to wine bottles and nice hand creams. Sometimes I can’t be bothered so they all get wine.

My nieces and nephews I’ve just been getting them experiences like rock climbing, trampolining, theme parks etc. Different ones every year. All can be done online. 

My parents I’m thinking of getting them a grilling thing like mine. Waiting for them to go on sale. 

Still got my friend who’s birthday is coming to get. She’s easy. We tend to tell each other what we want. Which means I have to tell her what I want. Been procrastinating as I haven’t thought of what I want for mine as yet. 

And that is my list of pressies to get for this year. It’s not the shopping that’s hard. I can zoom in zoom out and two days and I’m done. It’s thinking about what to get everyone and the endless wrapping . Thus this is why wine is so good . Grab a bottle and a gift bag and whola it’s done.