Hubby asked me the other day if I’d found any money in the wash? I told him the truth. Nope. 

Only found it today 😂 $115 buckaroos 😂

Finally got to the market

The tram tracks

They had directions on the ground 

As well as up high

Got my pastries 😍

Quick walk around to find entrance to car park. It’s because walkies buddy wanted to pick me up to go walkies. 

I think I will have to come back one day.

Paella. The perimeter of the market is lined with restaurants and eateries 😍

Murials throughout the market.

Beautiful old houses of South Melbourne.


Someone’s place 😂

Hellenic memorial after my walk through the Botanical Gardens.

Relaxing in Bourke st Mall listening to buskers. That’s the first police car I see that’s black. It’s a public response car. Saw it driving up and down the mall. Must be because of the Melbourne Cup festival. 

Feeling a whole heap better. 

My new walking buddy is a very good kisser I must say 😂 

He’s naughty. Very naughty.