Just the thought of lugging my DSLR around makes my back ache. I weighed it this morning complete with an external flash. It weighed in at around 2kg 😩

I’ve been wandering with just my phone lately and I love it. It’s easy to use and well suits me. I can zoom in and out to a certain extent and that’s probably all I need. 

Tired of lugging around all that weight. 

I’ve been researching on good point to shoot and mirrorless cameras and still can’t decide. 

The point and shoot ones sounds great. Quite expensive too if you go for the high end . The Sony and Panasonic zoom ones seem to be the fore runners. Still not convinced about image quality but the versatility of just point and shoot is quite appealing. 

I’m sort of leaning on the mirrorless side and thinking about Olympus . Eventhough it’s got a smaller processor. The image stabiliser is built into the body and being micro 4/3s their lenses are interchangeable with Panasonic ones. 

I’m not sold on Fujifilm. Bigger sensor but their lenses not up to scratch.

Hmmmm so much to think about. In the mean time I’d better get some work done. No work means no money means no camera 😂