Our steps yesterday. How pretty is this tree? 

I think I did really well today.

We loved this place and it’s a perfect place for a cuddle. Problem was there was a person sitting there yesterday. 

Then we wandered further.

Through a gate.

This is more like it.

You can’t see much from far away.

The inside of it. 

The bench. It felt hard today. I didn’t notice it yesterday ? 😂

From the outside. You wouldn’t know it existed unless you know it’s there.

It’s very close to the rose pavilion. 

You’d think you’re in another country.

Isn’t this pretty? Like a painting. 


And more flowers.

The kids’ garden.

And I’ll stop there. 

Had such a lovely afternoon wandering around. Haven’t been to the Botanical Gardens for yonks. I mean really go through it. 

Very happy today. Didn’t think I remembered where we went to back track. Very proud I found that hidey hole. It took me awhile to orientate myself to find it.