Bumped into who else but my old boss this morning. We didn’t recognise each other for a minute as we were both dressed casually. 

I asked him what was he doing this side of town? As it would have been closer for him to go to the other shopping plaza. He lives about 5 minutes drive from my hidey hole. 

I’m glad I chatted with him. All good. Water under the bridge. He’s a nice guy and well it must be hard to be a boss. I don’t hold that against him. 

Things happen for a reason. I’ve always believed in that. Life with its twists and turns kind of lead us where it wants us to head. In my mind I’m heading in the right direction.

With all that has happened in the last year have made me realise. Nothing is forever and in life it’s not about winning or losing. It’s not about being ahead or behind. It’s about how good we are at winging it. And yes I do okie at winging life. 

My view from my bed this morning.

$21.50 breakfast . They brought out the spinach just after I took my photo. 

$16 for a healthy start breakkie. $2 for added bacon and $3.50 for my latte. I had my eggs fried instead of poached. 

Quite cheap compared to other cafes down here. So sorry to see the business up for sale. It’s a nice place to sit, quiet not rowdy and always great food and service.

View on the way back to my place. 

Found some lingerie for new walkies buddy yesterday. He likes lacy stuff but full brief 😩 He doesn’t like G-strings. Talk about being old fashion 😂