Get started. I’m writing up the Christmas Competition rules.

1/ must be under 10 years old

2/ must name 3 movies

3/ must name all of the characters that they can find.

4/ all correct entries will go into a hat and drawn out . 

The prize is a soft toy from this year’s competition. So lots of prizes . Most year the prizes equal the number of correct entries.

The prizes will be wrapped up and the kids just have to choose one. They can’t see what they are choosing. 

I’ll make it easy for them in that each movie will have a hint.

Cars…what has 4 wheels and goes vroom vroom..

I’ll also leave enough spaces for them to name the characters. If there are 5 then there are only 5 spaces.

I’ll also make a cheat sheet with the answers so the staff can check them against the entries.