I’m in the dumps. Haven’t gotten as much done as I should. Now I know why I don’t entertain. Too much work.

As for my course I just want to dump it. Yes dump it. Turned up to enrolment today and well couldn’t enrol . No, more like I didn’t want to.

Email the institute for help a few days ago. No one replied.

Came in today to find my details are all wrong on the computer. They used my old address. The personal email was of someone else altogether.

Then there was no citizenship entered in for me despite me giving them a photocopy of my passport a few months back.

I was like what the? I was all over it. At the end they asked me to accept their fee of $5,900. Ummmm this year’s fee was $3,700 on the website. How the hell did it get to $5,900 in a couple of months ?

I questioned them. They told me to do my questions for literacy and then they will get back to me.

Then they shoved me into a room. Not telling why I’m there. Waited for another 10-15 minutes as the girl was with another person.

When it came to my turn she asked me if I’ve got my papers for her to print my invoice. I explained what’s going on.

She then said oh follow me I’ll take you back to the other room. After seeing them talk amongst themselves I’ve had enough.

She offered to take me to George to explain my fees. I told her look. I’ve got to be somewhere else now. I can’t hang around. Here is my email, my mobile . Please get back to me.

Thinking about it just makes me upset. What a waste of an afternoon when I had so much to get done.

It’s not the money. I can afford the $5,900. It’s the incompetence of the institute. If they can’t help me when I’m not a student what’s the chance of me getting help when I’m actually a student ?

I’m over it. Too old for this crap.