Finally got to try out the nasi goreng on Friday for lunch.

Had this for Saturday’s lunch. I think their standard has gone down. Not that nice at all.

My made up salad.

Awhile back I wanted to make paw paw salad and I didn’t have tomatoes so I substituted watermelon for them.

Then yesterday I didn’t have any paw paw so ended up with some carrots and apples for crunch.

Didn’t have time to shop for scallops thus it is just a salad.

Lots of herbs, chilli with a shrimp paste dressing.

Spinach and peach salad. Easy peasy one with a mustard, honey and lime dressing.

Pear, rocket, Parmesan and walnut salad with a balsamic dressing.

Beans salad with a French dressing.

Potato salad

Pasta salad.

Forgot to take one of coleslaw and green salad.

For meats we had

2.5 kg cumin lamb fillet

2kg Korean spicy chicken ribs

2kg Viet style salmon

2.6kg Thai style patties

All that fed 26 people.

Not much left over. Only a few patties left. Still got heaps of potato and pasta salad. I made 3kg of potatoes and 500g pasta.

Next time I think 2kg would be enough and 1/2 a packet of pasta would do. I had my suspicions but too late as left the kids to assemble them all.

For dessert we had cherries , pineapple , watermelon, fig rolada, custard puffs and a slice made by our oldest’ boyfriend.

In all it was a good BBQ. Just so very tired. I think I over did it. Lucky I had 4 kitchen hands helping or else wouldn’t have finished in time.

One down one more to go. I’m going to just do half the amount of salads for the staff party.