Another dud. Full of promises and well what did I expect? The bubble burst.

I went for another coffee date reluctantly . Lately haven’t been wanting to and just went through the motion.

He seemed to want what I want . Weekly meets . He’ll book rooms etc etc.

He didn’t look too bad for a 58 years old. Quite fit since he runs. Somehow I just didn’t feel him. He promised me the world . So confident and sure of himself. He made me wanting to believe that’s what I wanted too.

We ended up fiddling in his Merc. You know I’m not a fan of Merc drivers. And after kissing him I ummmm tried again. I kissed him quite a few times. And each time was the same. A major disappointment. Imagine a mouth full of spit. A tongue not willing to meet 😩

On the drive home he flooded me with messages of how wonderful it was and he can’t wait to properly meet aka book a room for our “love” making .

When I read them I felt sick in the stomach . I was caught in the moment and I sorely regretted it .

I messaged back . Sorry I can’t meet you anymore. Couldn’t feel it in your kisses. Got caught in the moment. And sent him on his way.

All I could think of was the kisses I shared with my walkies buddy . He kissed as though he meant it.

Missed him. Missed his kisses. Nothing compared. I must be delusional . I must be obsessed.

There are guys wanting to bed me young and old and yet I’m waiting for this repressed guy who can’t make up his mind. I know he likes spending time with me. Why the hell doesn’t he hurry up and just He makes me want him so much. Or is it his strategy of hooking me? He knows I love a challenge. I told him once it’s difficult to make up my mind but once I do that’s it.

Today I’m going to go in and delete my profile from AM. Can’t be bothered anymore.