Met up with walkies buddy today. I wanted to jump on him and he’s still not ready . I was like what? He’s been leaving me hanging for months.

He kept on repeating I’m not ready, I’m not ready. Today it all came tumbling out. Yes he’s fiddled around before . Emphasis on FIDDLE that’s all he’s done, fiddle.

Apparently I’m the first person he’s met frequently. Hmmmm

He hasn’t screwed anyone apart from his wife 😂😂😂😂😂

I was like what? Why didn’t you tell me? All along I was thinking that you don’t trust me? Or something is wrong with me?

If I had known I’d never go with him. I don’t do guys who have never screwed around. Guilt.

Now it’s way too late. I like him a bit too much. None of the other guys compare.

He told me the reason he doesn’t because he’s always been a nice guy. I teased him a good Anglican boy. He’s originally from the city of churches😂