Took the train into the city today. I had to go buy meat for the BBQ on Sunday.

Bought a shopping trolley. This one folds flat.

Bought the corrugated peeler so the oldest can make papaya salad.

Was browsing for lingerie when I saw these on sale. $45 each down to $35 for both. It’s an eye mask and a pair of hand ties. Going to surprise hubby with them.

After getting jumped 3 times within the last 4 days I’m stuffed. Bought these and had them right there and then.

Bought another dozen to bring home for hubby. They are Coffin Bay oysters . Yummo.

And that was my trip out today.

Sunday BBQ:

90 lamb cutlets

3kg chicken ribs

2kg sausages

2-3kg cured pork (nem)

I think it should be enough food I think. Will go buy a 5kg box of prawns tomorrow just in case we run out of meat. Prawns always comes in handy. Easy to defrost to cook.