Is over. I woke up from a nightmare. Couldn’t find our son’s results in the papers . Then it turned out his results were miserable. What made it worse was his dad and him wanted to repeat year 12 again.

I was like no point. When you repeat they penalise your marks since you’ve got an advantage over the other kids.

I woke up and quickly googled for the process today.

This year they’ve brought out an app that tells you your ATAR scores. It’s because last year was a dismal failure when all the kids logged in and completely crashed their website.

The app worked very well. It showed us what he got for his subjects which were all A and A+. His only bad one was English D and D-.

He managed to pass English with a score of 21/40. It brought his ATAR, his adjusted score of all of his subjects down to 81.15 out of 100.

Considering he only aimed for 80 and the courses he wants to do are below 80 (surveying , engineering ) we are happy. He should be able to get into them with no problem.

Problems only arises when the scores don’t match what you want to do .

Like his sister trying to get into medicine. Medicine is like the creme a la creme . She only scored 78. Medicine is really difficult to get in with interviews and UMAT. She got 97 for her UMAT but her ATAR would not get her anywhere. She’d need an ATAR of 99 to get an invitation to the interviews.

We then convinced her to do pharmacy . That way we could gauge her learning and if she can cope with pharmacy she can go on to medicine.

Even then pharmacy was like 92. In the end we had to apply to a country campus which was also higher than 78 but a bit closer to her score (ATAR 82) with a letter begging them to take her accompanying her application.

After one year she did well enough to transfer back to the city campus (ATAR 92). In all she didn’t lose any time as it was considered an equal swap since she was in a honours course. She ended up loving pharmacy so all good.

For kids not getting the scores they wanted they can log into the website later on and change their preferences to maximise their chances of receiving offers in January. The universities and institutions do two rounds of offers. Not much hope if you didn’t get your offer first round.

Two kids down one more to go. Three more years and I’ll be done with high school 😊