Remember that hotel? The one I’ve taken photos of? and have never been in?

The beautiful hotel that is one of Melbourne’s oldest?

Well yesterday I got to go in.

*photo from the internet

I was shocked that someone went to the trouble of booking a beautiful hotel for a first meet.

I was like what? I had to double check the address to make sure it’s that hotel.

And it was . Part of me was anxious as wasn’t sure what’s going on? Part of me was worried as he has asked me to meet in the room.

Ie. meet me at ….in room ….

The thing is I’ve met men in hotel rooms before but have never met anyone in one for a first meet.

What if I opened the door to a group of men? Or worse still a murderer ?

Things were going through my head and I was like what’s going on?

One thing for sure he’s got good taste.

So I asked him again. How do I get to the room?

I was self conscious thinking I had to walk through a grand lobby , door held opened for me. Jungle boy calls it the walk of shame.

His instructions :

Go through the lobby . Once you past the reception there should be a walk way on the left.

Go down the walk way and the lifts should be to the left.

I got in okie . I had to go to the loo and luckily the loo was also in that walkway. After the loo I walked right down the walk way and couldn’t locate the lifts.

Most lifts are fancy and you can spot them a mile away.

So I texted him . I’m lost can’t find them.

I saw a bench and sat down thinking he might have to come down and rescue me.

As soon as I sat down and looked at my surroundings, I found them.

They were two beigey looking thing in front of me. So I pressed and went up.

It’s a boutique hotel with only a handful of floors. I needed second floor.

Luckily the room was very close to the lift and I found it with no problem.

I knocked …