*photo from the internet

The room looked a bit like this room with a table and two armchairs by the window.

On the table was a bottle of ice cold water.

And him? He looked like his photos except a size or two rounder. All dressed up in a suit despite a very hot day.

Not only he’s round he’s short as well. He’s taller than me but not much taller.

What he didn’t have in stature he had in charm. He had beautiful eyes and a great smile.

We started chatting and I found out he’s both my age and my star sign. The reason he’s round was because he hasn’t been able to run all year. He was running and well tore his muscle. Not only that he further aggravated it by playing soccer and not resting as advised.

On probing further he drives an Audi. Thank goodness 😂

It turned out our upcoming holidays will be pretty much in the same place. He’s going to Singapore on the same day as me and also Phuket. Though he’s only spending 3 days in Singapore and the rest in Thailand.

The thing is what a coincidence? Luckily we are travelling at different times and staying at different hotels.

He suggested I should take the kids to the Singapore zoo and have breakfast with the orangutans.

I teased him telling him I might just book the same date as him and wouldn’t it be fun winking at each other from the other side of the buffet?

I asked him why did he go through the trouble of booking a room?

He replied I figured I had a one in two chance you might sleep with me. If it doesn’t turn out I’ll use the room for a shower. I have nothing to lose only to gain.

I laughed. Calculated risk ? I wasn’t even going to turn up. But then I figured if you can book a room then I’m willing to risk it and turn up.

to be cont..