And no it’s not about Christmas. The other day I had a look at my bush and I thought to myself . Jeez it needs a good trim. It looked like an over grown Amazon.

*pic from the internet.

So off I went and borrowed hubby’s nostril hair trimmer 😂

And well I think in my excitement to look good I over did it just a tiny bit. Nope more like a MONSTER bit.

It’s been driving me crazy. It’s itchy as . That’s what you get for having Asian pubes. They grow out straight and they’ve been poking where they are not supposed to. I’m patiently waiting NOT until they grow a bit longer so they can go curly again.

At the moment my labia feels like it’s got millions of ants crawling around on it. Okie so I’m exaggerating but you get the drift.

Never again.