Originally hubby wanted to go to Footscray for dinner. I wasn’t keen.

So we detoured and went to Carlton for dinner.

Our favourite Italian restaurant.

Instead of my usual spaghetti marinara I had a vegetarian pizza plus extra Italian sausage.

Early birthday pressie from my son. He caught a train to the city today to grab them for me. I requested a rum baba. He got enough for the family.

Since our oldest had to work I left a cheesecake slice for her and took the rest down here.

My friend popped by with her cake. She bakes two for hubby every year . One at Christmas and one at our New Year.

As for our staff we’ve left them goodies to see them through from 27/12 til the New Year.

They are gifts from our clients for us and staff. Since we are not a fan of chocolates we’ve left it for them to enjoy.