We headed down to the hidey hole late yesterday. My sister rang around 2pm inviting us to her house today for a Christmas Eve lunch.

I declined. It’s all last minute and well we’ve already made plans and it’s the only time we can make it down here.

By Monday or Tuesday we’ve got to go back to Melbourne to tidy up the business before we can leave for our trip.

I know it’s bad as it’s Christmas. Oh well.

Hubby commented this morning that we should come down here more often. He said somehow the air we breathe feels fresher.

I told him when I’m down here all the troubles of the world seems to just fade away.

I got another pressie today. My youngest got me a Beauty and the Beast DVD and made me a card for my birthday. That’s her drawing.

It’s thoughtful of her since I’ve been to see it twice.

I didn’t send anyone Christmas cards this year. I decided to ring up my friends to wish them a Merry Christmas instead.

Still got a few more to ring up. Other than that a pretty much relaxing day.

We went out for brunch. Forgot to take photos. It was yummo . Their coffee was crap.

Hubby is cooking a roast pork today in his Weber. It means I’m off the hook. No cooking thank goodness.

We went groceries shopping before so for brunch tomorrow we are having pies and sliced cucumber.

For dinner we are having rice with grilled salmon and a mixed vegies stir fry.