Happy New Year everyone . Hope 2018 is an endless Summer. Lots of sun and beach instead of work.

The family is still asleep. I’m buggered down with a cough. I get it when I’m run down.

We didn’t get home til after 1am last night. It makes it two nights in a row going to bed after 1am.

Not only that hubby jumped on me twice yesterday.

Tonight we’ve got another dinner at another sister. Told hubby last night he might have to go by himself .

I might stay home and recuperate. Plus it means he can’t drink when he’s got to drive back. He’s been drinking a lot lately. No doubt he’ll be doing that when I’m not around in VN.

Then Wednesday night my bestie is having a get together. She’s moved to the Gold Coast so I only get to see her once a year when she comes back.

Friday night I’ve got to take hubby to the airport .

Saturday his sister in law just invited me and the kids to dinner .

Sunday another sister. I think I might send my apologies to the Sunday one.

See my vein doctor on Monday.

Tuesday night we fly out.

As for this week I still need to go into work to be a bit ahead. Still need to pack.

Sort out my banking. That way hopefully we’ve got enough money to see us through this month.

Go to my doctor tomorrow to retrieve my referral for my vein doctor.

It’s going to be a busy week.

I have no New Year resolution.

I Just Do It.