We decided to go into the city for dinner. There wasn’t too many choices since it’s New Year day over here. It was either pizza or Red Rooster (BBQ chicken) again. Well there was Korean but the kids weren’t keen.

Since it was a mild night we decided to just catch the train and go wandering.

Seeing this gave me hope today. I haven’t been into the city since the incident. They’ve replaced all the concrete bollards with proper metal ones now.

I cautiously crossed the road today looking at the oncoming traffic to see if any car sped up. It’s awful to feel unsafe. When it happen once you blame it on mental problems. When it happen twice you think are they just using it as an excuse? And are there going to be anymore copy cats?

My son’s bowl. He eats quite a lot. He’s getting a bit of a belly.

Our dessert. Very lucky today. I scored the very last rum baba crema. My youngest had New York cheese cake and lemon meringue tart. My son his usual chocolate fondant.

Flinders St Station to wait for our train. That’s my son and daughter walking there.