For April’s Fool? It’s wet and freezing today. No way that it’s 17C right now the wind was bitterly cold. And it’s not cloudy. It’s raining.

Off to shower and then heading in to work.

Yes I’ve started. Took my youngest to the city yesterday to buy her t-shirts. Also bought day packs for us.

Last night I was getting jittery and anxious thus have started the packing. Anything I can find that’s on the list, in it went.

The only thing that’s not in as yet is every day clothes.

Have compiled a shopping list of things missing. Also need to grab all the first aid from the business today. Usual stuff, can’t be too careful. One thing we’ve both forgotten to get is vaccines.

I think it’s a bit too late now. Will get hubby to ring the clinic to see if we can get in for vaccines. Or else I’ll book it with my GP.

Better late than never. It will put my mind at rest. Singapore is not bad. What I’m worried about is the Thailand leg of the trip. We are not going to be in Thailand for near two weeks anyway so hopefully all is fine.

The kids all got a list each and they will do their own packing. Once they are done I’ll go through and inspect.

They’ve been travelling with us since they were toddlers. Thus they are used to the drill by now.

On check out days and flying days they get half an hour to get out of bed, brush their teeth, get changed and everything back in luggage to go. No excuses taken.

In saying that I usually re-pack everything in only leaving out their outfit for that day and toiletries.

It’s like being in the army when you travel with me.