After going to the GP to retrieve my referral I headed to my parents . They invited me for dinner.

I had a small bowl of rice to keep them company. They had a guest. A family friend that’s Laotian. And guess what? Thailand is her second home pretty much.

I learnt when you get to the airport go to a booth called throughmove or something like that to get wifi on the phone. It costs $12 and allows you internet for 7 days whilst in Thailand.

To get the best exchange go to super rich booth downstairs in BKK.

Since we are going to Phuket she said to exchange at the bank as better rate than airport.

I’m going to see if hubby can exchange at the airport whilst waiting for his connection.

As for laundry it’s like $3 a piece in the hotels or $1 per load if you can find a machine.

I’m going to go buy hubby a diary this morning so will go find a bigger dry bag, some small hangers for our t-shirts. Guess will have to hand wash our tops in our rooms and hang it to dry.

Last night we had great fun at dinner. Didn’t get home til after 1am again. I’m tired today.

It’s nice to see her family again. The kids have grown.

Lots of laughs as the jokes kept on rolling out. Really bad ones. They got worse as the night rolled on.

Like this one.

Two guys were having sex. One said to the other let me have a go first then you can do whatever you want.

Afterwards he said look I need to go pee please wait when I get back you can do whatever you want.

He came back upset. I asked you to wait for me? Why didn’t you?

I did wait? I haven’t done nothing.

Well then why are there semen everywhere ? On the furniture ? On the ceiling ?

I farted?

We were both tipsy so my oldest drove us home. All I had was a sangria and a champagne. Bad idea.

Now to go run errands then I have to go in to work. Hubby needs to go to the clinic at 1:30pm for his needles.

The kids and I at 4pm for ours.

Thank goodness I can sleep easy now Don’t know why I get so stressed out? I can only ever relax when I get on the plane.