My breakkie.

I’m trying to jot down what needs to be done for the holidays.

I found this cute diary yesterday whilst at Officeworks.

I’m going to use it as my little reminder book.

Yesterday was a whirlwind, no , more like a tornado.

I spent half a day out running errands. Bought last minute stuff. Hangers for washing, diary for the business, lunch and groceries for dinner.

Came home had a quick lunch. Then went in to relieve hubby so he could go get his jabs.

I worked pretty much what was left of that afternoon.

Then took the kids to the clinic so we all could get our jabs. Thank goodness no anti malarials just Deet.

I need to start taking Vitamin B. That way by the time I get there the mossies will not bother me.

If you’ve ever taken Vitamin B you’d know it smells pretty bad. If you take it long enough it goes through to your pores and apparently mossies don’t like it. Lots of our clients tell us it works.

I spent last night gathering our first aid. The doctor has given us scripts for antibiotics. Between all our packs we should be okie. It’s time like this I’m glad we’ve got a business.

I had to go in an order tablets. We didn’t have enough. With hubby leaving tonight our last pack went to him. Hopefully the next delivery is Monday.

Drives you mad as some of the drug companies you’ve got to order direct. And order direct means delivery doesn’t come for days.

When we order through the wholesalers they come on the day if you order early enough. If not the next morning.

Hence no one keeps lots of stock on the shelves anymore. It’s dead stock. The government cuts their PBS payment all the time . Let say this month you bought the box of tablet for $100. You don’t get reimbursed by the government until someone buys it. Next month they decided to reduce the price to $80. You’ve already made a loss of $20 per box you’ve got sitting on the shelf.

And it’s not just one line. It’s lots of lines of products. Thus it’s a huge risk to have so much stock. We have to run our stock down for the lines that’s going to be reduced.

When we are away the staff only orders to replace what they use.

Our PBS system

The client pays $39.50 if they are general. Concession card holders pays $6.40.

That’s how lucky we are . The government pays the rest.

To be eligible for it you’d need to satisfy the restrictions. And there are lots of restrictions.

If not you’d need to pay the total amount privately. That price is up to the discretion of the pharmacy. The mark up is more than what the government pays.

And on that note I’d better get off my fat arse and start the day.

Here is hoping I get time to go take photos and trial out my camera before the trip.

Here is to the cute Swedish ex-soccer player I might get to see this weekend. He’s been asking me to meet. We’ve met before years ago. At the moment he’s in between girl friends 😂

He’s cute as . Rings on his fingers. Twinkling sexy blue eyes and no hair. Yes he’s bald. Fit as too since he installs kitchens. Not an ounce of fat anywhere.