Today we went back to the tiny coffee express place to have breakkie.

Our noodles this morning costed $4.80-$5.30 a bowl. Coffee , 3 for less than $5.

Singapore has lots of these walk ways that’s outdoor. We discovered this today since we mistakenlytook the turn. It’s part of Chijmes.

Our hotel is across the road from it and at the other corner of the building. We tend to cut across using the walk way. Today from coffee express we discovered more walk ways coming from another direction.

Art works along the way.

At night this is transformed into a beer garden. Instead of heaters there are fans and AC units to keep everyone nice and cool.

We are at the Art Science Museum then will catch the MRT to Katong to have laksa and a look at Peranakan culture.

I’m getting used to Singapore . Quite easy to navigate and it only ever drizzles . The rain is quite welcoming that we all just pop on our hats and go.

I think I would like to come back here. It’s ordered. It’s clean. And best of all the food. So many cultures around . You’ve got the Chinese, Indo, Malay, Indian, Arab and then the Peranakans.