We did a lot today.

First was a trip to Maxwell FC for congee. My oldest ordered it wrong so we all ended up with chicken and century egg congee. The small bowls were $3 each and look how big they are. My son’s was a medium for $1 more.

Coffee was 80c each. Sugar cane juice was $1.50 each.

After feeling nice and full we headed to Orchard Rd. The kids got bored as not much to see. It’s just one street full of brand name stores.

So we caught the MRT to the Botanical Gardens.

We went to the Orchid Gardens. Entry was $5 for me and $1 for each of the kids. What I’ve found so refreshing about Singapore is if the kids travel with their student card they all get in at concession prices.

The white orchid up top is actually named after Princess Diana.

The flowers were all in bloom and just magnificent.

And more

Not sure what this is ?

We ended up taking Uber to Demsey Hill.

Had lunch at a bistro. One of the cheapest in the area. All up lunch costed us around $25/each.

I had a beef short rib. The kids had ox tail and the two types of burgers. We also ordered a litre of water to share between the 4 of us.

Their portions are quite generous. I didn’t finish my rib and had to give about a third to my son to finish off. Didn’t dare go into the other restaurants as it all seemed to be fine dining.

After lunch we walked to the art place for an hour or two of ceramic painting.

That’s my little fish

That’s the finished product. Since we are leaving soon I’ve asked the girl to post it to us. She’s never done it before. It still needs to be fired in the kiln before it can be posted.

Early dinner. We ordered two plates in between 4 and 4 drinks. The plates were $5 (medium) each and the sugarcane drinks (small) were $1.20. My youngest had a mixed fruit juice for $3.

We went to Zion FC to find prawn noodles but ended up with these instead. It was yummy with cockles and fish cakes and Chinese sausage. It’s weird in that it’s a combination noodles. We all agreed it was yummo.

Tomorrow I will have to go hunt for popiah, curry and roti and prawn noodles and mee Siam.

In the end we caught the bus back to the hotel. Left it to my girl to sort it out and she did. We got back safe and sound.

Just relaxing before we go out again. Feels like we are running out of time for yummy food. Have run out of money as well. Will have to withdraw a bit more.

I thought $1000 would last us 5 days. Nope didn’t happen that way. We haven’t bought much just food and transport.

Taxi from airport was $50.

SIM cards for phones $60.

EZ link cards $12 each so $48. We’ve had to top up twice so another $80. Should last us til Monday.

Waters , fruit, cakes.

Art painting was $163

Meals . The bigger meals I paid with credit. The rest all with cash.

The kids used some of the money for souvenirs.

Sentosa Merlion was like $12 each so $48.

Museums were with credit card.

Peranakan Museum I paid with money $10 for me and $18 for the kids.

And that’s pretty much it. We ate it all.

I think if I withdraw about $250 tomorrow it should see us through.

We’ve only got 5 meals left and money for the taxi to the airport.