Nope we didn’t get around to them.

First off we went to grab my prawn noodles. It was so yum . If I was staying here longer I’d go back for seconds 😍

The bowl was $6 and coffee $1.10. They had fried pork lard pieces in it. It was heaven in a bowl.

We went to Bugis to Haiji Lane to chase street art.

funky stores

How cute is this take away?


improvised scaffolding .

more street art.

we then went through the Sultan’s gate to visit the Kampong Glam area.

you can see the Mosque from the other day.

it’s very grand .

I only took this photo because of the cute guy sitting there in the pink. Mmmm looking at him made me horny πŸ˜‚

The back lanes

If it wasn’t for the 7 eleven I’d think I’m lost in Arabia or somewhere.

We visited the Malay Heritage Centre which was a free admission. Learnt quite a bit.

It’s a beautiful building.

How cool is this? The artwork is called Clandestini. It’s from a Square near Bugis

This one is the Watchman.

And of course we had to visit Hawker Chan. Luckily for us the line wasn’t too long.

The dish of the day would be the charsiu. It melts in your mouth.

After lunch we wandered through Chinatown.

More art work down some random lane πŸ˜‚ I love laneways and ummmm you never know what you’d find.

Look at this little tiny place. What a cutie .

Another temple

The doors

The art

The revered cows

After Chinatown we went back to Gardens by the bay as we didn’t see much the other night.

We wanted popiah but ended up with sukiyaki at Marina place for dinner. It costed $18pp but came with a free buffet entree, dessert.

Then we caught Uber to go have dessert at ABC Brickworks

Dessert costed $9 and Uber costed $32 πŸ˜‚ We got there at 9:15pm. The owner told us he’s nearly ran out of ice so we will be his final customers. Lucky for us or else it would have been a major disappointment of $20 Uber there out of the middle of nowhere and no ice kechang.

If only I had more room in my belly. I’d certainly line up for this place. The prawn noodles looked yummy. Look at the line?

All up it was a good day. We are flying out tomorrow in the afternoon so only got two more meals to go.

Tomorrow morning we will go have popiah.