We love markets especially when there’s food involved.

Near the market. Fresh coconut drinks for 20 baht. Since $1 AUD exchange to about 23-24 baht it’s cheap as and so refreshing.

Roast pork for 100 baht a strip. They are hooked and cooked in one of these. You can see the hook.

Then came the mango salad. It’s like a papaya salad but with green mango.

She’d spoon all the ingredients in and you choose the cockles or crab etc. We had crispy fish. It was yummo. Nearly burnt the roof of my tongue off.

Weird and wonderful vegies.

Just found out this one is jering. It smelt like durian and yucky to eat. This is the raw version. You have to cook it first.

Some we are along the way. Sour pork and fish. We loved the first one.

The balls are like mini donuts and coconut batter cakes have got sweet corn dotted on top.

I haven’t seen these vegies before

Look at the funny shaped eggplants

Rambutans. We didn’t buy any.

At 25 baht for a full bag it’s a bargain.

Our dinner.

The mangoes are dipped into an anchovy/shrimp sauce. The mango sticky rice was yummo.