It’s funny. I’ve been chatting a lot on AMM. The guys crack me up. There are crazy ones. Then there are nice ones . I feel bad saying no to the nice ones and relieved saying no to the crazies.

There are slow ones that messages once in awhile and there are verbal diarrhoeans that chat non-stop.

There are stubborn ones that won’t give up. I have since given in and chatted to them.

The funny thing is lots of Capricorns around which is fascinating.

I received a message from my walking buddy after I wrote that I’m letting him go. It still hurts, rejection is never nice. The thing is I don’t know how he got through my armour says little Miss V that falls in love at a drop of a hat. The quiet ones are the ones to look out for I guess.

I don’t know how many guys I’ve promised coffee to now. Only one or two caught my eyes. The rest are just there as possibilities šŸ˜‚ I don’t tend to judge before coffee so I just leave them hanging. They sound okie.

As for Mr 50 shades of grey he’s messaged me this morning . I told him I don’t like rough he replied he can be softer. Hmmm he’s cute as but not sure I want to risk it.

Oh well will wait and see if the hare or the tortoise will win the race.