I posted that I got the villa for cheap and someone I know wrote you can get it cheaper .

Let see it’s a three bedroom villa with buffet breakfast for everyone (5 buffet breakfasts) and pool attached.

I paid $550 a night. That’s pretty good considering it’s 5 stars.

Today I went into Agoda to check. Their advertised price was 24,318 baht a night. Roughly 24 baht to 1 AUD thus roughly $1000 AUD a night and that’s with 50% off.

Looks like I got a bargain 😂

I’ve also found a guiding course but only a certificate 3 for about 2K. From the course description it’s all that I would need.

It’s part-time at night for a few hours twice a week. I’ve contacted them to enquire as it starts 30/1 and we are not back til 31/1.

Very happy as I was wondering how I was going to turn this guiding thing into reality?