We splurged for lunch. I wanted to save the seafood for dinner but since the market don’t open til late I had to swap the activities around so we can do both.

The long boat. It’s a courtesy one from the restaurant . It takes you from the Laem Hin pier to the restaurant (Bang Mud Seafood Restaurant)

The seafood are in tanks ready to go.

Part of our lunch.

Views from the restaurant.

You can choose to sit on the floor. The restaurant is a floating one on a barge.

Mango salad

Stir fried greens with dried shrimps

Steamed fish with lemon and chilli sauce .

Fried rice with crab

And of course the big boy . BBQ with a garlic butter sauce.

All up including drinks equates to $250 AUD. We struggled to finish.

After lunch we went to Old Phuket Town.

Lots of architecture.

Some reminded me of Singapore . The pretty wedding cake houses.

They must be from the same era.

And of course the dragon. If I was Queen I’d want a phoenix not a dragon.

And last of all more food. This is Phuket’s weekend market. It rained and it was wet wet. As soon as the rain eased the vendors set up shop. Lots of food to eat.

A Thai sausage =20 baht = less than $1 AUD

A Leo beer =45 baht, A mojito =80 baht

Now I know why people love to live here. Warm weather all year round and cheap cheap food.