My son read about our resort and told me that it used to be a tin mine and the land was deemed inhabitable.

I asked him what did he think about it ? Now that it’s a successful money earner?

He replied, the owner had lots of money to invest mum.

No why is it successful? It’s not only money. It needed a lot of hard work, determination and most of all passion.

If you fail you get up and try again. You try again and again until you can do the task. That’s how you become successful.

He then replied but the risks mum. What if he had lost all of his money? You’d researched and researched. Then it’s a calculated risk.

Trying to drum into my kids that they have to work hard so that they can get anywhere in this life.

Every trip we go on is not only sight seeing but a learned trip. See how others live. How they thrive.