On the way home we bought more fruit. These are mangosteen and was 350 baht a kilo.

This is what they look like inside. It’s sweet and sour. I actually ate this one and it had no seeds.

These are longans.

We love fruits. The longans are very cheap here. That whole bunch was about 60-70 baht.

More market food. You can see my family here. The girls. Oldest to the left in red. The boys just a head. Hubby to the left, son to the right.

Very happy. Found a noodle soup stall. She had a pot with two flavours. One clear soup and one with tom yum.

I didn’t dare ask for spicy. I told her a little. She was going to dump a tablespoon of chilli in the bowl. I had to self serve. The chilli oil is potent 😂

Her noodles were nice . It had pork, balls, liver, kidney or heart can’t tell. The whites are radish, bean shoots and kang kong or water spinach.

ilst waiting for hubby and the kids at the massage parlour I people watched and charged my phone.

w a little girl dancing. And a tip box. I wasn't sure if I wanted to tip. Part of me didn't want to encourage it. She doesn't look happy does she? The mum is the woman standing there with her arms crossed.