I booked my Phuket airport transfers from Australia with Khaolak Land Discoveries.


They were very reliable and prompt. I also booked my trip to the Similans through them.

For my private driver and car I booked through PPKK tours. They were very good and has a hotline if your driver can’t find you etc.


All I did was booked them the day before. Or booked in the morning for the afternoon.

Private driver and van was 2000 baht for 8 hours.

Transfers from Laguna to Patong was 1200 baht return.

It’s very reasonable as someone else quoted me 2500 baht for 8 hours.

Very happy over all.

Just bear in mind that if you don’t book you might get ripped off. Hubby flagged a taxi down in Khaolak and he charged us 800 baht just to go to the falls and back. The falls were only 9km up the road.

My tips with transfers are :

Take a photo of the number plate as all vans look the same. They must contract out their drivers so will not have the tour company logo on van.

Take the phone number of the driver so can ring him.

Make sure tour company have hotline so if driver don’t turn up on time you can ring and ask.

Tonight our driver took a photo of us. Thus he could easily find us in the crowds for pick up.