To store a small case cost 100 bahts a day, medium 120 bahts and large suitcases 150 bahts.

They give you a luggage receipt and register it with your passport . And guess what? I’ve lost my luggage receipt šŸ˜© here is hoping they can find our luggages on Friday.

We had three suitcases totalling 450 bahts a day. So costing 1800 bahts for 4 days.

To go with all five luggages we’d need a van and that would have costed 1300 bahts one way from BKK to our hotel.

To go with our two and a carry on costed 700 bahts in a big taxi or 800 bahts in two little taxis.

Thus it worked out more expensive to store them. We make a loss of 600 bahts ($25AUD) for the 4 days. Just easier to travel with less luggages.

And since we are on the go it means we can repack very quick. Three shared one luggage and two shared the other.

The big taxis (station wagon) can carry 5 people, two big luggages and one carry on. What they do is flip the fifth seat down out the back and using the left over space for the suitcases.

Remember to ask how much as big taxis are not metered. The going rate for airport transfer from BKK is 600-700 baht with tolls inclusive.

We agreed to 700 baht as 100 baht is just a little over $4AUD not worth haggling.