Okie so I want to go to the Historical Park . Okie so the only way to see it is to go by bike.

Okie so I haven’t been on a bike for 30 years?

Okie so do you see a problem there?

This morning to my dismay I saw 5 bikes all lined up. Thank goodness it’s only us.

Anyhow after a few tries I just couldn’t ride it. What scared me is it’s not a lane that one can practise in. It’s a lane okie but shared with two way traffic ..cars, tuk tuk and motor bikes and me wobbly on the bike.

In the end our tour guide went to find me a more suitable bike . Aka a smaller bike.

Guess which one is my bike? 35 kms later I made it back alive.

We went along the bike lane. Not really a bike lane. Similar to the one in the photo shared by two way traffic. I was petrified as I was still wobbly, can’t brake properly so all I did was whenever I saw a car coming at me I’d put my two legs down. It’s a little lane , two ways traffic . Figure it out.

It was worth it though.

Most of the park is restored though they did it quite cleverly. They left the ruins in parts to make it look authentic. The information board will tell you which is restored and which is not.

We had to wait for the tour group to leave.

If you come here you can’t miss this one apparently.

The non restored site.

Our guide was great. She took us to different ones to show comparisons.

Can you see the elephants here? Some are missing their trunks. Only some has been restored and some hasn’t.

It’s very peaceful once the hoard of tourists are gone.

The important one . They think there’s something hidden inside of here.

It’s different from the other ones. It’s got elephants and monkeys on it.

The sites are spectacular.

Monks in robes.

Just have to go see it. The photos can’t see what the eyes can see.

The tour took us through the back way. I was too wobbly to take photos. We stopped here to admire the mango tree.

Life is hard here yet people are happy. The basket weaver get paid 300 bahts a day. The furniture maker makes 400-600 bahts a day depending on how fast they can assemble a cabinet. They get paid per piece of furniture not by the number of hours.

They are usually farmers and it’s their second job. Once farming duties are done they come to the timber workshop to work.

We also stopped for snacks along the way.

Fried bananas

Bananas grilled with coconut

Sticky rice with beans. The triangular ones are bananas mixed with sticky rice. They are yum.

As for the eggs they take the insides out and mix it with stuff and then syringe it back in to cook.

All in all it was a good tour. Despite a bad start I did okie on the bike. Very proud of myself. The thing is my butt and my legs are shouting out for a massage. They are sore as.