I’m kicking myself I didn’t buy a return trip to the airport for tomorrow. We are leaving on a morning flight back to BKK.

Today I’ve cancelled the farm activity to just relax . We’ve had our breakfast .

We walked down the street for fish congee only to find the cart was all packed up.

Thus we went to the next stall with people still sitting there. This was their special soup for 40 baht. It’s got pork, balls and offals. They serve it with rice for an extra 5 baht.

Only saw one set of traffic lights whilst I was here. Lots of round about. They give way to the left.

See the stalls? They are everywhere. So if you’re not a fussy eater you’d never go hungry here.

Simple building. They put concrete slab down and off they go.

This is the street we get our food from. It’s one long stretch of food stall after food stall.

They tend to be more active in the afternoon. In time for dinner.

We couldn’t resist. 7 baht for this bag. Looks like desert ? Have yet to try.

As for fried bananas they only sell them in the morning. No wonder we couldn’t find them. Our tour guide said they have the bananas as snack after breakfast.

I’ve just booked our transfer back to the airport. You’d think 900 baht is expensive . Apparently it’s not. It’s 250 baht each if we book with the accommodation. That was our last resort lol


The funny thing about this website is the front page you can get the English version not so the booking page. I had to email then ring the hotline to book. No one was answering my email.

Better to just ring the airport you want to go to and book direct with them.

Lesson learnt.