The main reason I went to Thailand. It was to learn to cook.

I had to ask someone to go with me. In the end my daughter volunteered. I think she enjoyed it.

We had an eye candy for a chef who talked a lot.

The chef’s demonstration bench.

The recipe folder.

They served us a little something with tea. Look at the glazed fruit. How cute?

We made Thai fish cakes. Yes I’ve made it before but wanting a good red curry paste from scratch . Even the sweet chilli sauce was from scratch.

The soup was Tom Kha Gai . Tom means soup, Ga means Galangal and Gai means chicken.

The main was Mussuman beef curry served with rice.

And dessert was simply delish.

We made red rubies that went into a smoked coconut milk. In it was fresh young coconut flesh and glazed jack fruit.

All the dishes was served by him.

It was three hours of fun. The chef tied my apron for me. He was a complete gentleman. Allow me he said.

We left with a certificate, our recipes and a bag of goodies.

The course was expensive because it was private. I wanted private as I wanted to be taught the dishes I wanted to learn.

In the mornings they have group classes. These are cheaper but it’s set menu.

The hotel where it was at was a 5 star hotel. The bell boys all dressed up in traditional dress like in the King and I.

It’s very posh. They encourage formal dress or smart casual. We saw a sign at their pier saying no flip flops, no shorts , no singlets and no backpack.

The hotel doesn’t look like much from the exterior but inside it’s like you’re transported to another era where gentlemen and ladies gathered.

Guess it’s an eye opener that’s for sure. As it’s by the river side they had their own courtesy shuttle boat to take you there.

I don’t think I’d feel comfortable staying there. I think we would have raised a few eye brows 😂