Everywhere we go we’d catch public transport. It’s a way of doing what the locals do.

This is a relatively new machine . It asks you where you’re going and then tells you how much you’d need for a ticket. You can use notes for this machine. It accepts 20, 50, 100 denominations. One good thing it lets you buy multiple tickets.

The older ticket machines you’ll need coins. If you don’t have any go to the service counter and they will swap your notes for you.

It’s a case of choosing which fare you want and putting your coins in. The bad bit to these machines is that you can only buy one ticket at a time which is a pain.

To choose a fare you just need to know your destination. Ie. from Ploen Chit to go to Siam or Asok is 23 baht. To go to Saphan Taksin (Central pier) is 44 baht.

A bigger pain in the back side is the security check at the stations. If you wear a back pack on entry they will surely check it. If you are in a hurry you’ll surely miss your train.