I’m not religious and today I went just to see what it’s like.

From afar it looked impressive. This is Wat Arun. The temple of dawn.

On closer inspection it is even more impressive.

The individual panels all different. None the same.

The edgings

The niches all different as well.

My mind boggles as how did they manage to build such magnificent buildings ?

Climbing up the stairs to the upper part.

The views from up high.

Doors to the worshipping area.


My kids praying.

It costed 50 baht to go to Wat Arun. Another 200 baht by tuk tuk to Wat Pho. As Wat Pho is on the other side of the river and too far to walk over the bridge from Wat Arun.

My kids praying asking for help. You shake the tin until a stick comes out . They are numbered. Then you go find your solution. Both were very accurate.

The reclining Buddha.

He’s very big. He took up the whole length of the building.

The magnificent ceilings

The wall panels depicting stories.

More crowds. To show respect you need to cover up your shoulders and legs. No see through clothes . The only exception, you can wear sandals.

This is a donation station. You swap 20 baht for a bowl of coins. Then it’s a coin into each bowl. You should run out of coins by the end.

The other side.

One thing for sure these temples are very fancy.

It costed 100 bahts to go into Wat Pho. They do give you a bottle water. Also will hand you a plastic bag for your shoes and warning on the walls saying please be careful of pick pockets.

We were running late as I wanted to go see Wat Pho only thinking Wat Arun is under scaffoldings.

Thus in the end I didn’t get to have lunch as the cooking class was at two.

We caught a small taxi to the restaurant to save time as even at 1:15pm there was no boat in sight to go back to the central pier.