No not me our car does. So much for trying to save money. Hubby’s car’s battery went flat.

Last minute shopping before due at airport yesterday.

BKK airport in Bangkok. I couldn’t wait to leave. In the morning the bell boy told me a trip to the airport costs 800 baht.

Mind you when we arrived it was 700 baht. On way to hotel back from Sukhothai it was 500 baht lol.

So to be quoted 800 baht I wasn’t very happy. Told him I’ve paid cheaper. He went on about how this is a private company blah blah blah. I was that tired I told him 800 baht is okie.

When we left we found the taxi driver to be the same one that drove us to the floating market.

The bell boy told me oh the driver is giving you a discount so it’s only 700 baht now. Hmmm. Kind of leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Photos of the airport.

It’s hot. Their cooling system just makes it bearable.

We were way early for our plane as I had to go to domestic to collect my left luggages.

Domestic and International is pretty much in the same place so not too bad.

We got to the lounge at 4pm thinking 530pm boarding for our 630pm flight. It turned out our plane was delayed til 715pm.

We didn’t leave til late. We were supposed to get to Singapore at 9pm leaving us an hour 45 to make our connection.

We got to Singapore at around 10:45pm and well 10:45pm was boarding for our connecting flight. By then I’d pretty much given up any hope of catching it.

We alighted and I asked the transit person where we were supposed to go? She gave us a map and told us we had time lol More like if you run then you might make it.

It was a mad dash down the travelator then catch a shuttle train then another run down the terminal to go to our gate. They only had travelators in the F section not so the E section.

We ran like mad and made it with 10 minutes to spare before the gate closed. The gate closed at 11:25pm.

Considering we were at F40 and had to get to C22 it was a big effort.

Security at BKK and Changi make you X-ray your carry on again at the gates. Water bottles we bought was again discarded.

We made it to Tulla only to find our car battery is dead. Had to quickly register hubby’s car with RACV so they can send someone out. I have membership for my car not his.

Still waiting . Looks like the money I saved with cheap parking is going towards a new battery lol.