If last month is anything to go by I think I’m set for the next 11 months.

Getting back on the bike and persevering made me realise that I had grit. Bring it on and I’ll show you how it is done. Well except for painting. I suck at painting πŸ˜‚

This morning I’ve passed the interview with my tour guiding course teacher. I’ve also completed my assessment for the course.

The teacher was very nice and quite personal. With me applying at the last minute she told me if I don’t receive the paperwork by tomorrow afternoon send her an email. She’ll sort it out. And that I’m to turn up to class on Tuesday regardless.

Looks like me not wanting to do the other course was a blessing in disguise.

At one stage I thought my dream of being a tour guide was going down the drain. I guess not. When one door closes another one opens.

Very happy with my decision. Needs to go with your gut feeling.

Off for a shower and groceries now. Or else there’s no dinner.